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Fei Pan

Fei Pan


Postdoctoral Fellow

Publications by Author

Producing genetically engineered macrophages with enhanced immunity via microinjection.

25 October 2022
Yang Jiao, Fei Pan, Shuxun Chen, Zhangyan Guan, Dong Sun

Deep Learning-Enhanced Dual-Module Large-Throughput Microinjection System for Adherent Cells.

29 September 2022
Fei Pan, Yang Jiao, Shuxun Chen, Liuxi Xing, Dong Sun

Knock-in of a Large Reporter Gene via the High-Throughput Microinjection of the CRISPR/Cas9 System.

8 February 2022
Shuxun Chen, Yang Jiao, Fei Pan, Zhangyan Guan, Shuk-han Cheng, Dong Sun

Total Number of Publication: 4

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