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Huilin Cui

Huilin Cui



Publications by Author

Polymeric Single‐Ion Conductors with Enhanced Side‐Chain Motion for High‐Performance Solid Zinc‐Ion Batteries.

1 October 2022
Ze Chen, Tairan Wang, Yue Hou, Yanbo Wang, Zhaodong Huang, Huilin Cui, Jun Fan*, Zengxia Pei, Chunyi Zhi

High-Voltage Organic Cathodes for Zinc-Ion Batteries through Electron Cloud and Solvation Structure Regulation.

1 May 2022
Huilin Cui, Tairan Wang, Zhaodong Huang, Guojin Liang, Ze Chen, Ao Chen, Donghong Wang, Qi Yang, Hu Hong, Jun Fan, Chunyi Zhi

Two‐Electron Redox Chemistry Enabled High‐Performance Iodide‐Ion Conversion Battery.

1 January 2022
Xinliang Li, Yanlei Wang, Ze Chen, Pei Li, Guojin Liang, Zhaodong Huang, Qi Yang, Ao Chen, Huilin Cui, Binbin Dong, Hongyan He, Chunyi Zhi

Total Number of Publication: 4

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