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Raymond Chan

Raymond Chan



Publications by Author

Selecting Regularization Parameters for nuclear norm type minimization problems

1 April 2022
Kexin Li, Hongwei Li, Raymond H. Chan, and You-wei Wen*

A 3-stage Spectral-spatial Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification, Remote Sensing

1 August 2022
Raymond H. Chan, and Ruoning Li*

Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using SVM with Shape-Adaptive Reconstruction and Smoothed Total Variation

1 September 2022
Ruoning Li, Kangning Cui, Raymond H. Chan*, and Robert J. Plemmons

Unsupervised Spatial-Spectral Hyperspectral Image Reconstruction And Clustering With Diffusion Geometry

1 November 2022
Kangning Cui, Ruoning Li, Sam L. Polk, James M. Murphy, Robert J. Plemmons, Raymond H. Chan*

Total Number of Publication: 4

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