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Se Weon Park

Se Weon Park



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Early detection of brain tumor response during local hydrogel based treatment using CEST MRI

1 June 2023
Se Weon Park, Joseph H.C Lai, Xiongqi Han, Jianpan Huang, Vivian W.M Leung, Peng Xiao, Kannie W.Y Chan

Monitor tumor pHe and response longitudinally during treatment using CEST MRI-detectable alginate microbeads.

1 December 2022
Peng Xiao, Jianpan Huang, Xiongqi Han, Jacinth W. S. Cheu, Yang Liu, Lok Hin Law, Joseph H. C. Lai, Jiyu Li, Se Weon Park, Carmen C. L. Wong, Raymond H. W. Lam, and Kannie W. Y. Chan*

Single-offset and multi-offset super-resolution for CEST MRI using deep transfer learning.

1 May 2022
Rohith Saai Pemmasani Prabakaran, Zilin Chen, Joseph H. C. Lai, Se Weon Park, Yang Liu, Jianpan Huang*, Kannie WY Chan*

Multi-offset super-resolution for accelerating CEST MRI acquisition using deep-transfer learning.

1 August 2022
Rohith Saai Pemmasani Prabakaran, Se Weon Park, Kexin Wang, Jiadi Xu, Jianpan Huang*, Kannie WY Chan*

Molecular Imaging of Brain Tumors and Drug Delivery Using CEST MRI: Promises and Challenges.

1 February 2022
Jianpan Huang, Zilin Chen, Se-Weon Park, Joseph H. C. Lai and Kannie W. Y. Chan*

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