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Shih-Chi Chen

Shih-Chi Chen


Senior Scientist

Publications by Author

基于像素重定位的高速线扫描超分辨显微镜; 第六届光学青年科学家学术年会

1 October 2023
Hongjin LI, Qiuyuan ZHONG, and Shih-Chi Chen

Advancing cardiovascular disease prediction: portable or wearable devices for automatic and rapid blood sample collection for biomarker detection with simultaneous physiological marker measurement.

1 September 2023
Xinrui Wang, Bee Luan Khoo, Shih-chi Chen

Ultrafast 3D Nanofabrication via Digital Holography. Nature communication

1 March 2023
Wenqi Ouyang, Xiayi Xu, Wanping Lu, Ni Zhao, Fei Han & Shih-Chi Chen

Three-dimensional nanofabrication via ultrafast laser patterning and kinetically regulated material assembly.

1 December 2022
Fei Han, Songyun Gu, Aleks Klimas, Ni Zhao, Yongxin Zhao*, Shih-Chi Chen*

Diverse and Composite Roles of miRNA in Non-Neuronal Cells and Neuronal Synapses in Alzheimer’s Disease.

1 October 2022
Xinrong Li, Shih-Chi Chen and Jacque Pak Kan Ip

Single-shot optical sectioning microscopy based on structured illumination.

1 February 2022
Qiuyuan Zhong, ChenYuan Dong, Xinlei Fu, Xiayi Xu, ShihChi Chen

Broadband angular dispersion compensation for digital micromirror devices.

1 January 2022
Junchen Liao, Shangjie Zou, Yanlin Deng, Y.Jiang, Song Lin Chua, Bee Luan Khoo

Total Number of Publication: 4

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