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Associate Research Scientists/ Research Scientists/ Senior Scientists

Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities in at least one of the following areas/projects (Technical):

• Implement and establish innovative technologies for early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and stroke
• Develop wearable sensors, flexible devices and mHealth technologies for the prediction and monitoring of CVDs
• Optimize the flexibility and fabrication technique of materials for high performance battery technology to power wearable and flexible devices
• Integrate facile and low-cost preparation technology into flexible bioelectronics
• Develop image-guided nano/micro Robotic system and close-loop drug delivery devices for CVD therapists.
• Participate in research projects to develop human intelligence and AI-based models for early warning system to predict cardiovascular diseases/stroke
• Design biosensing modules for biomarker detection
• Develop 3D ultrasound imaging, OCT, MRI vascular imaging, PA imaging, molecular imaging, physiological imaging, and multi-modal imaging methods
• Advanced microscopy and image processing and improve functions of cell separation, paring and manipulation
• Work with biologists and doctors to perform experiments and study CVDs on patients and animal models

Duties and Responsibilities (Administrative):
• Set direction for the Center and develop integrated strategic plans to fulfill the Centre’s objectives
• Formulate new concepts and principles and make critical decisions impacting the Centre’s operation
• Perform effective communication and act as bridge between management and research team
• Provide guidance to students, facilitate research activities and drive the projects toward the Centre’s goal
• Produce high quality publication and patents, and involve in international conference/ seminars/exchange programs/journals
• Build relationship within the community including medical device industries and hospitals, responsible for preparation of proposals and exploring fund raising opportunities
• Implement strategies in promoting the Centre’s moral and create a culture that encourages growth, innovation and flexibility
• Ensure compliance with regulatory obligation and procedures

General Qualification

• A doctorate degree with 5+ years of research experience and record of publications in relevant area. Candidate with less experience will be considered as Assistant Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Fellows
• Strong network and successful involvement within the community, experienced in commercialization will be considered first
• Experience in consultancy and professional development with contribution to the relevant fields
• Good communication, organization and management skills
• Responsible, innovative, good team player and able to work independently
• Highly motivated and ability to acquire new knowledge and skills
• Good command of both written and spoken English and Chinese

Preferred Hiring Qualifications:

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