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Research Assistant at Pyrocks Ultrasonics Company Limited

Science Park, Hong Kong

Job Type


Post Date: 

14 Jun 2024

About the Research Centre

Pyrocks Ultrasonics Company Limited is a cutting-edge startup founded by a team of four exceptional individuals. Our main goal is to push the boundaries in wearable and versatile ultrasound patches. With our innovative approach, we have already created a prototype for our first-generation product and have captured the attention of potential investors.

Job Description

1. Research and understand the basic principles and techniques of ultrasound imaging
2. Collect and organize ultrasound image datasets in a systematic manner.
3. Perform data preprocessing and cleaning
4. Develop and implement deep learning algorithms for ultrasound image analysis
5. Train and optimize models to improve accuracy and performance
6. Conduct model evaluation and validation
7. Collaborate with the team on experiments and testing
8. Participate in algorithm improvement and technological innovation, providing suggestions and solutions
9. Compose technical documents and reports to effectively communicate research findings and project progress
10. Foster a strong sense of teamwork by actively collaborating and cooperating with fellow team members
11. Participate in project planning, discussions, and collaborations 12. • Take charge of the AI modeling of ultrasound images and the development of mobile phone applications.

General Qualification

• Strong understanding of AI and machine learning concepts, algorithms, and frameworks, such as deep learning, convolutional neural networks (CNN), and TensorFlow/PyTorch. Knowledge of image processing techniques, feature extraction, and image analysis methods.
• Be familiar with C/C++ programming

Preferred Hiring Qualifications:

Remuneration & Duration of Appointment

The remuneration package will be highly competitive, and commensurate with qualifications and experience. Fringe benefits for full-time appointments include leave and medical insurance, etc. The possibility of re-appointment after the initial contract period will be based on performance evaluation and mutual agreements.

The application Materials that Should be Included

Application Closing Date:

The post is immediately available. Consideration of applications will be open until the position is filled.

Additional Information/links:

Application Procedures:

Please send your CV and transcripts to and quote the title of the job advertisement. Shortlisted candidates would be invited to interviews in due course.

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