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COCHE Seminar Series (3): Flexible/ Soft Devices for Wearable Biosensing

Moderators: Dr Derek HO and Professor Zuankai WANG

Date: 25 February 2021


Derek HO

PART A (~3:10 pm): Wearable Sensors for Human Health Diagnostics

MXene Based Strain and Pressure Sensors for Human Bio-signal Monitoring

Xiaodan HONG

Multi-functional Flexible Pressure Sensor based on Hydrogel

Miao YU

Flexible Pressure Sensor based on Liquid Metal


PART B (~4 pm): Devices for Cardiovascular Diseases

3D Bioprinting Technique for Functional Cardiac Tissues

Yang LI

Advances in Implantable Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Cardiovascular Health Sensing

Meizhen LIAO

Injectable Hydrogel-Based Nanomachines for Cardiovascular Diseases

Zhenyu XU

3D Printing of Biodegradable Cardiovascular Stent with Drug Slow-releasing Function

Chenyang WU

Nanorobotic Application for Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment

Fayu LIU



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