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Thought-leadership Series: Emerging Technologies for Cerebro-Cardiovascular Healthcare

The event titled "Thought-leadership Series: Emerging Technologies for Cerebro-Cardiovascular Healthcare" was a significant symposium organized by the Hong Kong Centre for Cerebro-cardiovascular Health Engineering (#COCHE) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (#HKSTP) on 14 May 2024. It featured a diverse range of topics and presentations related to biomedical and healthcare technology. This gathering brought together scientists, biomedical engineers, healthcare professionals, and industry experts to exchange their most recent research findings and innovative advancements. 

The presence of Prof. Susumu MORI and Prof. Jiadi XU from Johns Hopkins University added a significant level of prestige to the symposium. Prof. Susumu MORI shared valuable insights on "Dementia Management Based on Real World Data," while Prof. Jiadi XU impressed the audience with his presentation on "Creatine and Phosphocreatine Mapping in Tissue by MRI." 

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all 17 speakers from universities and industries for generously sharing their invaluable knowledge and inspiring the audience. We also extend our gratitude to the 117 attendees whose active involvement and contributions made the symposium a great success. Their perspectives and fruitful exchanges of ideas enriched the event. 

In the future, COCHE will host more events aimed at advancing innovation and promoting collaboration. We are determined to make substantial contributions towards enhancing global health. 


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