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Prof. Yu HUANG


Chief Scientist, Hong Kong Centre for Cerebro-Cardiovascular Health Engineering (COCHE)

Head, Department of Biomedical Sciences,

Chair Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Vascular Biology

Jeanie Hu Professorship in Biomedical Sciences, City University of Hong Kong

MPhil & PhD (University of Cambridge)

BSc (Fudan University Shanghai Medical School)


Prof. Yu Huang is currently the Chair Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Vascular Biology and the Head of Department of Biomedical Sciences. He obtained his BSC from Fudan University Shanghai Medical College and PhD from University of Cambridge. Before joining the CityU in September 2021, he was the Professor of Biomedical Sciences and the founding Director (Basic Sciences) of Heart and Vascular Institute, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Prof. Huang was the past President of Asian Society for Vascular Biology (2010–2018) and the past Vice-President for Chinese Society for Vascular Medicine (2015–2021). He is currently the Vice-President for the Chinese Section of International Society for Heart Research (2016–). He is also the elected Fellow of the International Society for Heart Research (2019), and received the 2020 Hong Kong Research Grants Council – Senior Research Fellow Award.

Prof. Huang serves as the Grant Review Panel Member for Hong Kong Research Grants Council, Hong Kong Government’s Health and Medical Research Fund, Natural Science Foundation of China, and The University of Macau Multi-Year Research Grant. He has so far served (past and present) as the editor, guest editor, associate editor, and editorial board member for 18 SCI-indexed journals including British Journal of Pharmacology (editor) and Circulation Research (associate editor). He has reviewed grant proposals for 29 granting agencies of 13 countries and regions. He is also the visiting or guest professor of 11 universities and institutes.

The research focus of Huang’s team is to elucidate cellular and molecular events in initiation and progression of endothelial cell dysfunction in hypertension, obesity, and diabetes, to uncover novel biomarkers for vascular pathogenesis, and to develop venues to reverse vascular dysfunction in animal models of cardio-metabolic disorders. He has co-authored 470 peer-reviewed publications in SCI-indexed journals including Nature, Science, Cell Metabolism, Circulation Research, European Heart Journal, PNAS, Diabetes, Hypertension, ATVB, Stroke with 30076 Google scholar citations (h-index of 90).

Prof. Huang received Outstanding Contribution Award, Chinese Society for Vascular Medicine, Chinese Association of Pathyphysiology; 2020 Wuxi PharmaTech Life Science and Chemistry Award – The Scholar Award , Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award (first-class award in 2019), second-class awards in 2017 and 2012), Ministry of Education, China, The State Natural Science Award (second-class award in 2015, China; The Croucher Award – Croucher Senior Research Fellowship in 2014. He was also the recipient of The Asian Lecture on Vascular Biology, Shanghai (2018), The Robert F. Furchgott Lecture, Zurich (2013), and The Office of Life Sciences Distinguished Lecture, National University of Singapore, Singapore (2007).

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