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Product Designer

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We are seeking a talented and creative Product Designer to join our team. As a Product Designer, you will play a key role in designing and shaping our products, ensuring they are visually appealing, user-friendly, and intuitive. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including engineers and product managers, to create innovative designs that align with our brand identity and meet user needs. Your expertise in UI/UX or product design will be instrumental in creating engaging and delightful user experiences.

As a member of our team, the successful candidate will be responsible for:
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand product requirements, user needs, and business goals.
• Develop user-centered design concepts, wireframes, and prototypes that effectively communicate product functionality and user flows.
• Create visually appealing, intuitive, and pixel-perfect interfaces for web and mobile applications.
• Conduct user research, usability testing, and gather feedback to iterate and improve designs.
• Apply best practices in UI/UX design to create engaging user experiences and interactions.
• Collaborate with developers to ensure design feasibility and implement designs accurately.
• Creating visually appealing and consistent design elements such as icons, color schemes, typography, and layout. This includes designing interfaces for web, mobile, or other digital platforms.
• Maintain and evolve design systems, style guides, and UI/UX patterns.
• Stay up-to-date with industry trends, new design tools, and emerging technologies.
• Present design concepts and ideas to stakeholders, providing clear rationale and justifications for design decisions.
• Collaborate with marketing and branding teams to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints.
• Manage multiple design projects simultaneously, prioritizing tasks, and meeting project deadlines.

General Qualification

• Bachelor's degree or higher in a relevant field such as graphic design, product design, or a related discipline.
• Prior experience in UI/UX design, either through internships, freelance work, or full-time employment, is preferred.
• Proficiency in design software such as Adobe Creative Suite (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, XD) or Sketch.
• Knowledge of prototyping tools like InVision, Figma, or Axure.
• Understanding of front-end development languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to communicate effectively with developers.
• Strong understanding of user-centered design principles.
• Ability to conduct user research, gather feedback, and conduct usability testing.
• Proficiency in creating wireframes, user flows, and information architecture.
• Familiarity with responsive design principles and mobile app UI/UX patterns.
• Proficient visual design skills, including layout, typography, and color theory.
• Innovative thinking to generate unique and user-friendly design solutions.
• Ability to analyze user behavior and data-driven insights to improve UX design.
• Attention to detail and the ability to deliver high-quality designs within project timelines.
• Awareness of accessibility standards and guidelines.
• Excellent visual design skills with an eye for detail and aesthetics.
• Strong problem-solving and communication skills.
• Ability to work effectively in a collaborative, fast-paced environment.

Preferred Hiring Qualifications:

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Remuneration & Duration of Appointment

The remuneration package will be highly competitive, and commensurate with qualifications and experience. Fringe benefits for full-time appointments include leave and medical insurance, etc. The possibility of re-appointment after the initial contract period will be based on performance evaluation and mutual agreements.

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The post is immediately available. Consideration of applications will be open until the position is filled.

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