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COCHE and Yan Chai Hospital Board signed MOU on 12 June 2024

【12 June 2024, Hong Kong】Hong Kong Centre for Cerebro-cardiovascular Health Engineering (COCHE) and the Yan Chai Hospital Board signed MOU on 12 June 2024, establishing a long-term strategic partnership to promote the development of innovative technologies and solutions for cerebro-cardiovascular health in Hong Kong. The collaboration aims to apply these advancements in early monitoring and diagnosis of potential cerebro-cardiovascular disease patients, enabling early treatment interventions.

The MOU was signed by Professor Kannie CHAN, Director of the Hong Kong Centre for Cerebro-cardiovascular Health Engineering (COCHE), Professor of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Associate Dean (Internationalization and Outreach) of the College of Engineering at City University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Marcella CHEUNG, Chairman of the Yan Chai Hospital Board.

Professor Kannie CHAN stated, "The government has a commitment to advancing the medical health technology industry. The research and technology transfer accomplishments of COCHE demonstrate our significant contributions to driving technological innovation in cerebro-cardiovascular health. By partnering with the Yan Chai Hospital Board, we aim to create a platform for collaboration among research, industry, and healthcare, enabling us to apply our innovative technologies more effectively to benefit the community. This collaboration plays a crucial role in establishing a community health ecosystem and improving the prevention of cerebro-cardiovascular diseases."

Dr. Marcella CHEUNG remarked, " Yan Chai Hospital Board is in agreement with COCHE's vision and direction. This partnership is also in line with the government's goal of enhancing the overall health of the population by promoting disease prevention and self-management of health. The signing ceremony held today is of immense importance as it signifies not only the initial stage of collaboration between COCHE and the Yan Chai Hospital Board but also demonstrates the strength of collaboration between charitable organizations and local research teams. "

The signing of this MOU marks the official beginning of a strategic alliance between COCHE and the Yan Chai Hospital Board, where both parties will collaborate to drive technological advancements in cerebro-cardiovascular health and healthcare. COCHE's team of scientific and engineering experts will progressively integrate user-friendly intelligent monitoring systems, state-of-the-art technologies, and devices aimed at preventing cerebro-cardiovascular diseases into the healthcare services offered by units under the Yan Chai Hospital Board. This collaboration will guarantee the provision of quality cardiovascular care for the local community.


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