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COCHE Seminar Series (2): Flexible/Soft Battery for Wearable Devices and Molecular Imaging

Moderator:Professor Chunyi ZHI and Dr Kannie CHAN

Date: 28 Jan 2021

Time: 14:30 to 16:10

14:30 to 14:40


Prof. Chuiyi ZHI

14:40 to 14:55

A Flexible Rechargeable Aqueous Zinc Manganese-Dioxide Battery Working at −20 °C

Shaoce ZHANG

14:55 to 15:10

A Self-powered Electroluminescent Device based on a Flexible Zinc Hybrid Battery


15:10 to 15:25

A Polymer Electrolyte Based Wearable Solid-State Zinc Ion Battery


15:25 to 15:40

Evaluating Flexibility and Wearability of Flexible Energy Storage Devices

Huilin CUI

15:40 to 15:55

A Self-Healing Zinc Battery with Superior Capacity and Rate Performance

Pei LI

15:55 to 16:10

A Robust Image Analysis Platform for Assessing Molecular Changes in CVDs

Liu Yang

16:10 to 16:25


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