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NanoHeart Medical Technology Company Limited (NanoHeart)

NanoHeart Medical Technology Company Limited (NanoHeart) is an innovative medical device company The establishment is based on scientific and technological achievements from COCHE.

The competitive research teams of NanoHeart are formed by a group of mechanical and biomedical engineers, who are led by Prof. Zuankai WANG and Prof. Xinge YU from CityU. There team members are Mr. Yijun ZENG as CEO, Mr. Wei Zhang as CPO, Dr Chao ZHANG as CQO, Dr Xiao YANG as COO and Dr Binbin ZHANG as CPO. Their expertise is multi-disciplinary in Mechanics, Materials, Biomedical, Surface/Interface Engineering, Flexible electronics and chemicals.

They have recently gained funding support from HK Tech 300 and HKSTP Ideation.

The first product of NanoHeart is called Multifunctional Epicardial Patch, which will help heart failure patients recover health, especially for heart failure after myocardial infarction. This product is currently under animal trial.

If you are interested in their NanoHeart, please click here to visit their LinkedIn page!


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