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Postdocs Positions and PhD students in Flexible Electronics

Job Description

The Center is looking for multiple postdoc fellows to begin ‘immediately’ to work on flexible electronic nanomaterials, devices, and systems for wearable biosensors.

Candidates for this post will be mainly under the supervision of Dr. Derek Ho, Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, and will be affiliated with both the Center and the University. Further details are on our lab website (

General Qualification

The applicant must have prior publications and strong interest in one of the areas:
1. Flexible nanomaterial
2. Sensors
3. Other areas of materials for wearable electronics
e.g.: polymer, textile, healable/flexible/adhesive materials, biocompatibility

Applicants without prior relevant publications but with an exceptionally strong record and are interested in wearable sensing may also apply.

Eligibility: Postdoc applicants must have graduated from a top 100 university ( ).

Preferred Hiring Qualifications:

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